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The Real Cause of Your Weight and Health Struggles

The Real Cause of Your Weight and Health Struggles

August 20, 20236 min read

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Let’s start off with the big picture.

America has been treating weight loss all wrong! Obesity is a symptom, not a character weakness.

Let me give you an analogy.

Imagine you stepped on a tack, and it embedded in your foot. How would you treat this condition? Would you just put a band-aid over it or take a bunch of pills to stop the pain? Would you try to have a positive attitude and willpower to get rid of it? Of course not! To get better, you would have to remove the tack, right?

Now, imagine you stepped on two tacks. Would removing just one of the tacks make you feel 50% better? No! You would need to remove all the tacks.

This simple yet powerful metaphor perfectly explains why the conventional approach and most diet plans just don’t work. Ignoring, masking, dampening symptoms or extra willpower do not make them disappear. The only way to make them go away is to find and address all the root causes to truly heal your body.

This is how the 7 Systems Plan approaches disease. Instead of throwing a new diet plan, a positive attitude, new medications, and band-aids over symptoms, we seek to identify and focus on the source of your pain. Instead of asking “what” disease you have, ask “why” you have symptoms.

The body is NOT organized the way conventional medicine treats it—into organs, with specialists for every single body part. Rather, it is one unique integrated series of 7 Systems—four primary and three support Systems.

So, let’s say you have weight problems, irritable bowel, joint pain, migraines, depression, and acne. Conventional medicine would treat each of these issues as separate issues, each needing a different specialist and probably a medication. 

But The 7 Systems Plan recognizes that ALL these challenges are connected and can be treated by discovering the contributing factors and optimizing the body’s Systems that are causing the distress.

The 7 Systems Plan teaches the “why” of most chronic diseases that stem from dysfunction in one (or more) crucial focus areas in the body. The key to losing weight, creating vibrant, optimal health, enhancing your life span, and feeling younger is to support each of these 7 Systems. Think of them as gears that drive your wellness. If one gear is not working correctly, it can negatively impact the function of other gears.

So, how do you have optimal health at any age? Let’s look at The 7 Systems:


The Structural System

(includes your fat, muscle, and bone)

Keep your body healthy by eating whole, natural foods, moving daily, and maintaining a robust network of support for all the Systems.

The The Digestive System and Gut Flora

Avoid taking in substances that damage your gut, like ultra-processed, sugary, and starchy foods, altered fats, environmental toxins, unnecessary medications, stress, etc., and adding nutrients that heal your digestion, like prebiotic and fiber-rich foods (non-starchy veggies and whole fruits), fermented foods, and probiotics.

The Delivery System

(includes your lymph and vascular Systems)

Keep your Delivery System moving by providing nutritious food, exercising often, and adding high-quality fish oil, D3 with K2, and a supplement with phytonutrients.

The Energy System

Support and protect your mitochondria (the energy-creating power plants in your cells) by eating whole, real foods, loading your plate with colorful vegetables, and doing the most beneficial types of exercise.


The Communications System

(includes your hormones, nerves, and neurotransmitters)

Focus on lifestyle factors like eating plenty of healthy fats, limiting stress, participating in enjoyable activities (hobbies, creative outlets, connection with friends, building relationships, etc.), ditching processed and refined foods, curbing stress, getting quality sleep, and having spinal adjustments.

The Defense and Inflammatory System

Create a robust inflammatory and immune response by limiting conditions that cause chronic inflammation, like dairy, sugar, processed seed oils (Omega-6), gluten, chronic stress, and toxins. Add nutrients to your plate that support immune health, like colorful organic vegetables, quality protein, plenty of healthy fats, wild-caught/low-mercury fish (salmon, sardines, anchovies, herring, and mackerel), high-quality fish oil, vitamin C, and vitamin D.

The Detoxification System

Support your body’s ability to remove waste and toxins by reducing exposure. Avoid plastics, BPA-lined cans, harmful chemicals, unnatural ingredients, additives, artificial fragrances, etc. Boost your body’s Detoxification System by drinking plenty of water, breathing correctly, sweating often through exercise and sauna, and eating cruciferous vegetables to generate daily bowel movements.

With this new way of thinking, now let’s look at weight challenges.

Most weight loss programs include two things: eating less food and exercising more.

At best, these plans would target two of your body’s 7 Systems—the Delivery System and the Energy System.

In reality, each of your body’s 7 Systems affects your storage and ability to access energy from fats.

Structural System: If you have “angry” fat cells, as many do, it will be easier to gain weight and much more challenging to lose. Three simple steps can get rid of them.

Digestive System: Having the wrong bacteria in your Digestive System can make it nearly impossible to manage your weight. It is not that hard to support the good guys and toss out the bad.

Delivery System: If you deliver poor nutrition to your body, it will be tough to maintain optimal weight. The answer is not to eat less but to eat differently.

Energy System: If you have slowed your metabolism through incorrect dieting, it will be harder to slim down. We can ramp this up again to accelerate weight loss.

Communication System: Seven essential hormones must function correctly to encourage weight loss. Don’t worry; it is not that complicated to get them working correctly.

Defense System: Chronic inflammation caused by a malfunction in the System can cause weight gain. Putting this fire out is one key to shedding excess pounds.

Detox System: Toxins classified as obesogens are present in most people and make weight reduction difficult. You can limit exposure and get these out of your body.

Do you see how this changes the way we address excess pounds? The 7 Systems Plan is the only method that simultaneously optimizes the function of each of your body’s 7 Systems to help you lose weight and enjoy excellent health. Countless people around the world have proven how powerful it is.

This 7 Systems Plan Course, taught in provider offices and online, is the most affordable, most effective path to getting each of the 7 Systems working for you. It is a new way of thinking that changes everything! Let’s remove those miserable tacks and get you healthy and fit.

For those of you who have already joined, thank you and stick with it!

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